Sustainable mobility is at the core of the European strategy to accelerate the ecological and digital transition, as the transport sector is a major contributor to GHG emissions.


Cascade funding

7 calls for proposals will grant 15 projects. From innovation products and process to services, submit your proposals for a grant up to 40k€

The overall aim of the Open Calls is to identify product innovations in order to reduce dependency on critical inputs and technologies in the E- BOOST value chains, to introduce new-to-firm products or services, and to engage actors from regions with different levels of economic development.

Target groups

High-profile SMEs addressing unmet needs in electromobility from all mobility sectors: automotive, industrial vehicles, active mobility, railway, maritime, etc.
Even the youngest companies, still unexperienced but with high potential, will be considered in the process. A pool of experts will then form the basis for the experts’ panel that will evaluate individually the proposals based on these criteria: excellence, impact and implementation.

Mentoring programme

For clusters or SMEs that need advice and good practices exchanges
Mentoring programmes for clusters and SMEs based on the skills gaps identified will be designed and capacity building planned so that markets are prepared for new electromobility solutions.
The training will be implemented by:
E-Boost your cluster mentoring programme: A 6-months clusters managers mentoring programme whose goal is to develop cluster management practices and provide inspiration for up-skilling and attracting talents, create new business ideas as well as cooperation opportunities.
SMEs mentoring programme: A 6-months SMEs mentoring program implemented by clusters with the project technical support whose goal is to support strategic management, up-skilling of the workforce, talent management and business development.

Ecosystem Animation Activities

For SMEs that need to travel accross Europe to meet partners or participation to innovation and business events

Developing projects is key in order to succeed in deploying SMEs’ solutions at the international level. This will be achieved by boosting SMEs networking through the organisation and implementation of events (matchmaking, B2B events, study visits, webinars, workshops, participation to international exhibitions…).


For SMEs that need to internationalize their activities
Based on the E-BOOST clusters links in both Canada and the United States of America, the consortium will fuel these connexions within the project activities dedicated to the establishment of cooperation and business agreements. Moreover, North American territory represents a major electromobility market for the deployment of SMEs’ businesses. Transports stakeholders from this zone have a head start on other world countries regarding the development of electromobility infrastructure thanks to innovative technologies in terms of hydrogen or electric mobility.



The E-BOOST Partnership is represented by a strong consortium ensuring a large coverage of electromobility at the European level.

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